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Long range spy microphone

Long range spy microphone

  1. High listening sensitivity
  2. Headphone jack
  3. Rechargeable battery
  4. Listening time 4 hours

Data sheet

Transmitter: 22g Transmitter: 96g
Transmitter: 58x34x19mm Receiver: 105x54x19mm
Loading time
3-4 hours
Lithium Ion
Storage type
Supports micro SD cards up to 4 GB
Yes - HD sound recording
Listening distance
1500 meters
3.5mm jack
Continuous listening time
6 hours
    Can this spy microphone keep audio recording data?

    A mini mic is a special spy gadget suitable for listening to audio. It comes in different models and forms suitable for each need and context of use. Its small size allows it to be hidden anywhere and be transported without difficulty. What should be remembered is that it has a powerful integrated microphone. Each spy microphone has its own recording volume. It has a great listening sensitivity which can be adjusted as needed. It is also a formidable precision to take voice captures in its proximity. The listening perimeter of the device can vary from 10 meters up to 1,500 meters for some and provided with a geolocation function for others. In addition to being completely discreet by its size, it is often intended for cordless use with its lithium battery. Therefore, its autonomy can go from 4 or 6 hours and even ten days for some but if it is used continuously, it can still be connected to a sector. The spy microphone can be programmed for manual or automatic use and warn its owner by SMS at the slightest sound effect detected. In addition, the recording provided is quite distinct and of very good quality. Regarding its retention capacity, it goes around 8 GB, sometimes more depending on the type.

    Do the mini microphones have a sound detector?

    Mini microphones are undoubtedly one of the espionage and surveillance equipment par excellence. Thanks to its compact housing and small size, a mini microphone is far from bulky and it can be installed anywhere in the house, on a vehicle or on an object that you want to keep an eye on against any unforeseen movements. without being spotted. Another quality of a mini microphone is its fairly high autonomy. Indeed, it is often equipped with a chargeable lithium battery which allows it to remain active for around 12 days. With some exceptions, a mini microphone is often equipped with a GSM support requiring the use of a SIM card which will be used to alert its owner by SMS to any irregularities around its perimeter. The sensitivity of each mini microphone can be configured according to everyone's expectations. Therefore, we can be away with peace of mind, the time of a weekend or a week where he will properly perform his role. If the mini microphone is warned, its owner will have time to contact neighbors or the authorities directly to take the necessary measures. In addition, it is both a very powerful microphone but also a detector of sound vibrations below 75 decibels.

    Which operators are compatible with spy microphones?

    Remember that a spy microphone is, in general, a device for audio recording. The smaller one can come in the form of an SD card and the larger one a cell phone. It is therefore very easily concealed in a camera, pen or other devices that we find in everyday life, in order to separately record conversations or sounds that we consider important and that we would like to keep. . A spy microphone is equipped with an ultra-sensitive integrated microphone. As a result, all the sounds picked up are of very good quality. The use of a spy microphone is often wireless, but for some, if you want continuous employment, you can leave it connected to a sector. There are long-range spy microphones or spy microphones with both transmitter and receiver functions with a listening option. On the other hand, there are those that require a SIM card to be connected to a smartphone or tablet. If we then decide to take a GSM spy microphone, we sometimes find ourselves in front of a device that restricts certain operators but also the size of the SIM card. This small inconvenience is increasingly rare but remains relevant. In addition, when the device can work on any operator, it is enough not to forget to deactivate the pin code before inserting it. Now, the majority of spy microphones can work anywhere in the world and with any operator. It will then be a question of choosing the one that will not create a hole in your wallet

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