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GPS tracker subscription Included

GPS tracker subscription Included

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  1. Locate
  2. Watch
  3. Long autonomy
  4. Works in France, Belgium and Switzerland

Locate your valuables remotely!

The GPS tracker allows you to locate remotely, goods or people, via the GPS application on your smartphone. It adapts to different uses:
- Keep an eye on your bag
- Monitor your vehicle
- Watch over your children
- Also works for quads, jet skis, musical instruments ...
You are warned when the tracker is in motion, via a notification on your smartphone (every 3, 5 or 10 minutes, depending on your choice).

For more peace of mind, the tracker is equipped with smart features:
- Do you want to know when your child leaves school? When he comes home? If your vehicle leaves a parking lot? It is possible to define security zones on the GPS application and to be alerted when the tracker enters or leaves this area.
- Have you lost your vehicle or your bag? You can easily access the trip history from your tracker in the app.

GPS tracker is working without SIM card, on low consumption networks. Unlike traditional trackers, it is not necessary to purchase an additional subscription. It is included for 3 years.
Having a autonomy ranging from 1 to 8 months (depending on the configuration of notifications), the GPS tracker allows you to gain in comfort. Once installed, you no longer need to worry about it.

The installation of the tracker is easy and fast : charge it, download the GPS application and pair the tracker to your smartphone. That's it, you can store it wherever you want!

Compatible with iOS and Android.
Free application.

Data sheet

Compatible phone
iOS 10+, Android 5+
    Can we configure a GPS tracker to send us SMS alerts?

    A GPS tracker is above all a beacon which serves above all as geolocation in our daily life. When we want to know the exact position of our vehicle, a person or an animal, it is the device of choice to meet our expectations in terms of security and sometimes espionage. For vehicles, the use of a magnetic GPS tracker is recommended. It often comes in the form of a compact box, solid foolproof, namely extreme temperatures of up to 55 ° C. In addition, a GPS tracker has been specially designed so as not to be spotted because of its dimensions ranging around 95 x 47 x 30 mm, or the equivalent of a mobile phone. When its weight varies around 136 grams, this gives the ability to the device not to be bulky and to be placed anywhere like in a suitcase or baby stroller. It is generally equipped with a GSM support which connects it to a computer or even more practical, a smartphone or a tablet in order to receive and keep the information or coordinates received. All plotters work and configure themselves in much the same way. Some devices are automatically configured with a movement alert with a spy microphone that offers remote listening and others must be done manually. Any modification is therefore controlled by computer and especially by SMS because a plotter does not have a keyboard. They therefore have the advantage of warning the owner of events such as switching on the ignition, opening the door and movements nearby.

    Which operators are compatible with GPS trackers?

    Finally ! The GPS tracker is on the market to ensure your safety. A beacon that provides the geographical location of an object or a person or even an animal in real time. But still, technology has made it possible to release models without wires, with or without magnets, perfectly autonomous. The battery of a GPS tracker, often made of lithium, is perfectly rechargeable and can therefore have the capability of long-lasting operation. One of the advantages of this gadget is that it is very resistant to the various external aggressions or shocks that it can encounter on a daily basis. As a general rule, a GPS tracker is equipped with a GSM support, hence the need for the use of a SIM card. This will allow your device to be connected to your Mac or Windows computer or even to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, thanks to a specific application. Unfortunately, in most cases, we often encounter problems related to restriction of certain operators and on the other hand, some of the models require micro SIM cards. Rest assured, this drawback is not present on all GPS trackers because there are some that have no limitation such as the GSM spy microphone, GPS tracker or the long-life magnetic GPS tracker and many other devices available in store. Likewise, the subscription is largely unnecessary.

    Do I need a telephone subscription to use this beacon a GPS tracker?

    The GPS tracker evolves day by day in order to facilitate and provide a means of optimizing its use. When we say tracer, we say security and monitoring. Thanks to one of these technological marvels, it is possible to prevent thefts or losses and even to track or find a person or an object that you care about. Indeed, a tracker can be put, not only on a car, as much on a motorbike, in a suitcase or a backpack, hung on the collar of our favorite domestic animal or on your keys and many other possibilities to discover . The plotter is made to move, so it works wirelessly and transmits precise geographic coordinates in real time of what we want to know the position. In addition, one can receive an alert via SMS from this beacon during unforeseen movements or routes. The best trackers are those equipped with GSM support, the majority of which have no restrictions in terms of SIM card and operator. It will need to be connected to a smartphone or tablet to be configured or for the tracker to be able to inform its owner of the location and also notify them when the battery will soon need to be recharged. You can use a prepaid SIM card but it is however advisable to switch to a subscription if you intend to use the GPS tracker intensively.

    What types of SIM cards are compatible with GPS trackers?

    A GPS tracker is a device that can be divided into two separate modules. The first module is a GPS receiver whose function is to collect position data. The second module is a GSM mobile telephone unit whose function is to transmit position data by SMS or the Internet. The use of a GPS beacon therefore requires a SIM card. To equip the geolocation box, 3 chip formats are available. It is indeed possible to choose a mini SIM, a micro SIM or a nano SIM. The selection of the format is mainly determined by the size of the slot dedicated to the chip. In addition, SIM cards for GPS beacons can be purchased from mobile telephone operators. The use of the chip with the geolocation equipment does not require a subscription. It should also be noted that consulting position data over the Internet does not incur any additional costs.

    Do all GPS trackers have a magnetic mount?

    The GPS tracker allows tracking of the movements of a vehicle or a person, without the need for spinning. This type of hardware offers options that facilitate its use, as well as features that improve its performance. The GPS beacon generally works with a SIM card. This chip incorporates a GSM support which ensures the transmission of location data. The magnetic support is a component that is found on some models of spy trackers. This element can be considered as a fixing system. The magnet makes it easier to place the beacon on a metal surface. GPS trackers designed for tracking a car or motorcycle often feature a magnetic mount. It then becomes easy to conceal the GPS beacon in the body of the motorized vehicle. A moving vehicle or motorcycle may experience jolts. To prevent the spy beacon from falling, you need a very solid fixing system. This is why manufacturers opt for a very powerful magnet to equip their GPS trackers.

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