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Know everything about our hunting cameras
Which operators are compatible with GSM hunting cameras?

To monitor or observe outdoor life, such as capturing animal behavior or ensuring the safety of your property, a regular HD camera is no longer enough. It is then necessary to use a hunting camera. The latter is designed to withstand extreme conditions, whether in the face of climate, dust or humidity. Often the battery is made of 8 AA batteries which gives it an autonomy of up to 1 month. It can be recharged using an ordinary solar or electric charger. The photos and videos recorded by the hunting camera are of HD quality and it is possible to insert a micro SD card to optimize the storage capacity of the device. The data received from this device can certainly be used. For the most part, a hunting camera is equipped with night vision, so that nothing is missed in total darkness. A hunting camera does not need direct manipulation because, in standby mode, it can be triggered at the slightest breath. Therefore, she is very sensitive to movement. Practically all hunting cameras are equipped with a GSM support to facilitate remote control and reception of data via a computer or smartphone. Regarding the correct operator, some devices like the 16MP MMS Night Vision Trail Camera do not work with Orange. It is strongly recommended to use the Free operation which offers less expensive costs.

Do you need a telephone subscription to use a GSM trail camera?

The hunting camera, also called a photographic trap, can come in countless sizes, shapes and types. All are equipped with an HD camera and practically equipped with motion detection. On some, the recorded images can be viewed directly on the camera screen, and others on a cell phone or computer. To capture the best moments, infrared LED vision allows you to film at night. Moreover, the device memory can be fully expandable up to 32 GB using a micro SD card. In addition, remote control is essential, whether to send or receive data. Generally, GSM hunting cameras have SMS, MMS and email alert functions thanks to GSM support. We often encounter a contraindication and incompatibility of the hunting camera with the operator Orange, unlike Free, which is the most recommended for this type of equipment while being less expensive. The subscription is not mandatory on some devices but you should know that the majority of these are not compatible with Orange.

What types of SIM card are compatible with GSM hunting cameras?

Hunting cameras have been specially developed for taking videos or photos outdoors. It is important to know that they are more efficient than an ordinary Full HD camera and moreover, they are mostly the size of a cell phone, whether in size or weight. As a bonus, it has an ideal camouflage to blend in with nature, making it difficult to spot. Apart from being strong and resistant, a hunting camera, also called a high-resolution photographic trap, it also allows you to film in the dark. Hunting cameras have one or more functions in common. That is to say, remote control or even memory expansion. They can almost all be connected to a computer under any type of operating system or to a smartphone via Wifi. Control and monitoring is generally done by GPRS, MMS and SMS. For some GSM hunting cameras, the already integrated SIM card can be obtained. And for other types of cameras, the choice of SIM card and operator is not as big a concern as it seems. The full size SIM card is fully compatible with most devices. However, there are also those which can request a micro SIM card but these are few.

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Learn all about spy cameras
What do we mean by continuous recording time?

A spy camera works with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Of course, the autonomy of the device depends on the capacity of this power supply. This type of equipment offers an average autonomy of more than an hour. However, it should not be confused and continuous recording time. These are two completely different characteristics. Continuous recording time refers to the length of time the camera is able to shoot without interruption. This duration is not necessarily equivalent to the autonomy of the device. Most often, this is even much less than the time during which the camera remains functional independently. For a battery life of one hour, the continuous recording time is generally half an hour. During a recording, all the components of a spy camera are called upon. Due to the relatively small size of the device, the risk of overheating is greater. Continuous recording time is then limited to prevent damage to components.

What is a video trigger time?

A spy camera is a device that allows you to film without attracting attention or arousing suspicion. The launch of a recording is easily done with this type of material. A push of a button does this. Some models even offer remote control. The device is then activated by means of a remote control. In addition, the launch of a recording can be done automatically with high-end mini cameras. The presence of a motion detector makes this functionality possible. Motion detection has a range of around ten meters. Detection is only possible at this distance and within the viewing angle of the video sensor. The video triggering time is thus the time between the detection of the movement and the activation of the camera to start recording. It is important that the tripping time is fairly short. Indeed, a spy camera or a hunting camera can miss the action to be filmed because of a too long activation time. Generally speaking, a spy camera offers an average video triggering time of one second.

What is a viewing angle of a video sensor?

There are some features that should not be overlooked when choosing a spy camera. The angle of view is among these. In a way, this is the field of view of the video sensor - or the angle of view. Spyware can thus film anything in this field of vision. A camera has a photographic lens which is a converging optical system. This system is obtained using several lenses. It is important to stress that it is the size of the photographic lens that determines the angle of view. The smaller the size of this optical system, the larger the field of view. The larger its size, the smaller the viewing angle will be. In addition, there are two kinds of camera depending on the type of lens. There is thus the fixed lens video sensor and the varifocal video sensor. This second kind of camera has a modular lens, that is to say with a variable focal length. This then makes it possible to adjust the shooting angle if necessary. A spy camera unfortunately does not offer this option.

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How spy microphones work
Can this spy microphone keep audio recording data?

A mini mic is a special spy gadget suitable for listening to audio. It comes in different models and forms suitable for each need and context of use. Its small size allows it to be hidden anywhere and be transported without difficulty. What should be remembered is that it has a powerful integrated microphone. Each spy microphone has its own recording volume. It has a great listening sensitivity which can be adjusted as needed. It is also a formidable precision to take voice captures in its proximity. The listening perimeter of the device can vary from 10 meters up to 1,500 meters for some and provided with a geolocation function for others. In addition to being completely discreet by its size, it is often intended for cordless use with its lithium battery. Therefore, its autonomy can go from 4 or 6 hours and even ten days for some but if it is used continuously, it can still be connected to a sector. The spy microphone can be programmed for manual or automatic use and warn its owner by SMS at the slightest sound effect detected. In addition, the recording provided is quite distinct and of very good quality. Regarding its retention capacity, it goes around 8 GB, sometimes more depending on the type.

Do the mini microphones have a sound detector?

Mini microphones are undoubtedly one of the espionage and surveillance equipment par excellence. Thanks to its compact housing and small size, a mini microphone is far from bulky and it can be installed anywhere in the house, on a vehicle or on an object that you want to keep an eye on against any unforeseen movements. without being spotted. Another quality of a mini microphone is its fairly high autonomy. Indeed, it is often equipped with a chargeable lithium battery which allows it to remain active for around 12 days. With some exceptions, a mini microphone is often equipped with a GSM support requiring the use of a SIM card which will be used to alert its owner by SMS to any irregularities around its perimeter. The sensitivity of each mini microphone can be configured according to everyone's expectations. Therefore, we can be away with peace of mind, the time of a weekend or a week where he will properly perform his role. If the mini microphone is warned, its owner will have time to contact neighbors or the authorities directly to take the necessary measures. In addition, it is both a very powerful microphone but also a detector of sound vibrations below 75 decibels.

Do spy microphones have a video sensor?

When it comes to spy microphones, we are generally talking about ultramodern equipment that is used to record important sounds or conversations that we want to keep secret or confidential. First, it has an audio surveillance system, so a sound detector. It is completely discreet and does not attract attention at all when it is activated, that is to say, neither sound triggering nor pilot light. Spy microphones can come in many different forms and aspects which determine the capacity, autonomy and other functions they might have. In the second place, these micro spy are equipped with microphone whose sensitivity can be modified according to the needs as well as being used to listen to the sound data recorded in the majority. You can find a spy microphone equipped with a GPS tracker and a spy camera of 2 million pixels at the same time, but the latter will probably not offer HD images that one would expect. The quality of recorded images is quite decent. To obtain high definition videos, it is better to directly get a mini spy camera which is more suitable and effective. Indeed, it always automatically provides high definition videos even in the dark thanks to its infrared vision. It can be found in the form of a pen, an alarm clock, a watch, glasses, a light bulb or even incorporated into a water bottle to blend in perfectly with the everyday decor.

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All about our gps plotters
Can we configure a GPS tracker to send us SMS alerts?

A GPS tracker is above all a beacon which serves above all as geolocation in our daily life. When we want to know the exact position of our vehicle, a person or an animal, it is the device of choice to meet our expectations in terms of security and sometimes espionage. For vehicles, the use of a magnetic GPS tracker is recommended. It often comes in the form of a compact box, solid foolproof, namely extreme temperatures of up to 55 ° C. In addition, a GPS tracker has been specially designed so as not to be spotted because of its dimensions ranging around 95 x 47 x 30 mm, or the equivalent of a mobile phone. When its weight varies around 136 grams, this gives the ability to the device not to be bulky and to be placed anywhere like in a suitcase or baby stroller. It is generally equipped with a GSM support which connects it to a computer or even more practical, a smartphone or a tablet in order to receive and keep the information or coordinates received. All plotters work and configure themselves in much the same way. Some devices are automatically configured with a movement alert with a spy microphone that offers remote listening and others must be done manually. Any modification is therefore controlled by computer and especially by SMS because a plotter does not have a keyboard. They therefore have the advantage of warning the owner of events such as switching on the ignition, opening the door and movements nearby.

Which operators are compatible with GPS trackers?

Finally ! The GPS tracker is on the market to ensure your safety. A beacon that provides the geographical location of an object or a person or even an animal in real time. But still, technology has made it possible to release models without wires, with or without magnets, perfectly autonomous. The battery of a GPS tracker, often made of lithium, is perfectly rechargeable and can therefore have the capability of long-lasting operation. One of the advantages of this gadget is that it is very resistant to the various external aggressions or shocks that it can encounter on a daily basis. As a general rule, a GPS tracker is equipped with a GSM support, hence the need for the use of a SIM card. This will allow your device to be connected to your Mac or Windows computer or even to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, thanks to a specific application. Unfortunately, in most cases, we often encounter problems related to restriction of certain operators and on the other hand, some of the models require micro SIM cards. Rest assured, this drawback is not present on all GPS trackers because there are some that have no limitation such as the GSM spy microphone, GPS tracker or the long-life magnetic GPS tracker and many other devices available in store. Likewise, the subscription is largely unnecessary.

Do I need a telephone subscription to use this beacon a GPS tracker?

The GPS tracker evolves day by day in order to facilitate and provide a means of optimizing its use. When we say tracer, we say security and monitoring. Thanks to one of these technological marvels, it is possible to prevent thefts or losses and even to track or find a person or an object that you care about. Indeed, a tracker can be put, not only on a car, as much on a motorbike, in a suitcase or a backpack, hung on the collar of our favorite domestic animal or on your keys and many other possibilities to discover . The plotter is made to move, so it works wirelessly and transmits precise geographic coordinates in real time of what we want to know the position. In addition, one can receive an alert via SMS from this beacon during unforeseen movements or routes. The best trackers are those equipped with GSM support, the majority of which have no restrictions in terms of SIM card and operator. It will need to be connected to a smartphone or tablet to be configured or for the tracker to be able to inform its owner of the location and also notify them when the battery will soon need to be recharged. You can use a prepaid SIM card but it is however advisable to switch to a subscription if you intend to use the GPS tracker intensively.

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