All our sales are subject to the valid General conditions on all of our terms of purchase. Some exceptions can be made thanks to an exceptional derogation from us

Delay in delivery

In case your order is late, and you will have not received on time, we are at your disposal. For this, we are committed to conduct our investigation and reship you the order quickly if necessary after a few checks.

Know everything while legislated us a period of 4 to 6 weeks for an investigation. If you have not received your order 6 weeks after his expedition, contact us directly. We are committed to reship you your order for free. Beware, no refund will be made.

If the parcel is lost again, we have a solution. You will have a credit, we will send you a credit for the amount of your order.

If your package is not lost or is not blocked at customs, you will be charged the cost of returning your package.

Return order

If you find that the product does not match your order, there is a malfunction, etc., you have the opportunity to return your order within 1 week after the shipping date of your order. After this deadline, we will more be able to exchange your products. Only the warranty is always effective during 6 to 12 months, depending on the products you have purchased.

Declaration on the protection of the personal data

The company spy - may collect your personal data only for his private use. Your data will be always protected. We really want to respect your privacy, and that is why we explain in the following lines that will become your personal data.

Know that you have the opportunity to visit our online shop freely without communicating any personal information. Your visit remains completely anonymous, and we will not be able to identify you. If you wish to be identified, need you to create a personal account and send us your details. These will be used only to contact you for your orders, or possibly to deliver to you our offers of the moment.


The warranty we offer on our products is from our suppliers.

In case of complaint or if you want to use your warranty, you provide us with the following information:

-.                    defects of the product

-.                    the date of purchase

-.                    the place where the defective product

We have the right to ask all the necessary questions to assess your problem and possibly take over the Exchange or repair. Be aware that you will be eventually asked to send us pictures of the defective product to trigger the warranty procedure.

If the item you ordered is no longer available in Exchange, or we are not able to provide an effective remedy, we promise to reimburse you your product, or to provide you with a credit of the same value.

Beware, our responsibility on products are only failures. Thus, any breakage is not supported by the warranty.

1 / supported by the conventional warranty

All our products are guaranteed against any possible malfunction if the problem emanates from the material, manufacturing or design.

Any malfunction from the buyer, wear, or a failure to maintain is not supported by conventional warranty.

2 / operate the guarantee

Spy - is committed to Exchange or repair the defective product by the manufacturer or the technical service of the company. The cost of labor is also supported by the warranty. Beware, this repair or Exchange will not extend your warranty.

3 / parcel damaged

If your parcel is received by your care in a bad state, we invite you to not accept it to the carrier. For this we simply explain your situation by mail, and we will then conduct our investigation. Subsequently, your package will be returned to you. If you accept your damaged parcel, you then take responsibility for the condition of the products on the inside.

Prices listed in the catalog are prices in euros and exclusive of tax. We invite you to consult additional charges that could be add to your order. (Bank, customs, VAT * * list *). Such additional costs would be in charge of the customer. The store reserves the right to change its prices at any time. However, the price appearing in the catalogue the day of the order will be the only one charged to buyer. Posted prices do not include transport costs.

1 / General terms and conditions for delivery

After mentioning your delivery address, we will send you all the products you mentioned on your final order. Following the payment of your order, it will be shipped within two business days. Your package will arrive within a period of 2 to 45 days depending on where you stand. International orders are also processed. Be aware that the delivery time of 2 to 45 days starts when your order is shipped, and not only validated.

Attention, when your parcel is Court of preparation, it is completely impossible to change his delivery address. As well, the latter cannot be cancelled after his expedition. Need to make your withdrawal period for delivery of the package. To do this, simply send us an e-mail at this address In case you wish to cancel your order before it is shipped, it is possible. Simply you contact us. This is so totally free and does no cancellation of order.

Be aware that our company requires you to send us a valid phone number where you can be reached. If there is no phone number, we are entitled to cancel your order. Of course, your phone number will not be used for prospecting, and will never be passed to canvassing companies. It is possible that our service will contact you in order to verify your address.


Before returning your product, you must have received our agreement. If you return your items without informing us, we do not support this return.

After having received your order, you have a week to choose between repair, refund or have. When this time has passed, the conventional warranty comes into play. It is necessary to contact our technical department by mail in the 'Contact' section if you wish to proceed to a return. Spy - is given the right to ask all questions necessary for the return of your merchandise.

Before returning your product, make sure that they are returned in their original condition. You are completely responsible for the return of your products, and you have to pay the costs that this entails. In order to avoid any dispute, proof of your shipment will be required.

After validating your return, our Technical Department will send you a form you will need to complete and attach to your return package. Returns are made on our premises to Shenzhen, which you will find the address in product return. As of the day of your return package shipping, your guarantee will be used.

Upon receipt of your returned package, our Technical Department will inspect your products to see if they can be supported by conventional warranty. If your product does not meet the requirements, you will be directly notified. Your parcel will be then returned to the State, after setting the sum of €15 for the forwarding costs.

All refunds will be 85% as part of a return and in the form of a credit. We subtract 15% in order to be able to support administrative costs and the restocking in our premises.

Attention, it is important not to scratch the mention of this guarantee on every product. If it is no longer visible, the warranty will not be able to enter into account.

1 / problems related to the manufacturing or delivery

If you find that your product has manufacturing defects, it is necessary to let know us during your period of withdrawal. After checking by our technical department, you can operate your warranty.

2 / product with no defects of quality

If you returned your product, but it has no quality defect, you have also 7 days from its date of receipt. You can then opt for a credit or a refund. This situation occurs when the product agrees not to expectations. The product must be returned in its original packaging with its accessories.

3 / possible repair

It may happen that your product stops working. Simply inform us by mail to the return under your warranty. This creates a €15 fee so that your articles can then be returned repaired.

Headquarters & physical address:

RM 2611-12, 26/F C.C. WU BLDG 302-8 Hennessy RD Wanchai Hong Kong Registration No.2440286


1 / rates

All prices displayed on the online store are in euros. Spy - is given the right to change its rates when it desires, without any notice. Thus, all orders will be also invoiced in euros.

Prices are duty-free. It is therefore necessary to add VAT to the final price.

When ordering from abroad, some fees may be added to the global price of the order. This is due to the delivery charges depending on your country of destination.

2 / terms of payment

Spy - offers a unique payment: by credit card card.

Totally secure, this system allows you to pay with confidence.


It is important to note that spy - is in no way responsible for any delays in delivery in the case of major force: bad weather, natural disaster, flood, fire, accident, political issues, etc.