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Watch with infrared camera

Watch with infrared camera

€126.99 Save 20%

Full HD camera watch

1080P resolution

Infrared vision

Webcam function


Available with internal memory 8 GB - 16 GB - 32 GB

Internal memory

The infrared camera watch has several uses. This can be used to film or interview in hidden camera. It is also possible to use the device as a surveillance camera. Her infrared vision also allows you to take pictures at any time.

This watch with camera allows to perform Full HD shots. There are 1920 x 1080 pixels for the video resolution. This is 4032 x 3024 pixels for photos. In terms of image quality, this material is therefore flawless. This has other advantages, such as filming with a capacity of 30 frames per second. This results in very smooth video animation. You can also record conversations using a built-in microphone. A webcam function is even available. The flagship option of this night vision spy camera watch remains the infrared support. You can have good quality images even in low light. Placed on a desk or a piece of furniture, the accessory can be improvised video surveillance equipment.

The spy camera watch Full HD has a space of internal storage. The size of it varies according to the desired option (8, 16 or 32 GB). Data transfer to the computer is done using a USB cable. No specific software installation is required for this. Note that the device is compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

Last asset of this watch camera, her resistance. The device has been designed to have a fairly long service life. By ailleurs, this one is fully waterproof. In case of bad weather, you can always use the watch with infrared camera to take pictures. A USB cable and a user manual will be delivered with the watch.

Data sheet

Frame per second
Operating system
Windows / Mac OS X
Yes - 3ATM
Photo resolution
4032 * 3024
Infrared vision
Webcam function
Internal memory
8/16 / 32GO (optional)
    What do we mean by continuous recording time?

    A spy camera works with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Of course, the autonomy of the device depends on the capacity of this power supply. This type of equipment offers an average autonomy of more than an hour. However, it should not be confused and continuous recording time. These are two completely different characteristics. Continuous recording time refers to the length of time the camera is able to shoot without interruption. This duration is not necessarily equivalent to the autonomy of the device. Most often, this is even much less than the time during which the camera remains functional independently. For a battery life of one hour, the continuous recording time is generally half an hour. During a recording, all the components of a spy camera are called upon. Due to the relatively small size of the device, the risk of overheating is greater. Continuous recording time is then limited to prevent damage to components.

    What is a video trigger time?

    A spy camera is a device that allows you to film without attracting attention or arousing suspicion. The launch of a recording is easily done with this type of material. A push of a button does this. Some models even offer remote control. The device is then activated by means of a remote control. In addition, the launch of a recording can be done automatically with high-end mini cameras. The presence of a motion detector makes this functionality possible. Motion detection has a range of around ten meters. Detection is only possible at this distance and within the viewing angle of the video sensor. The video triggering time is thus the time between the detection of the movement and the activation of the camera to start recording. It is important that the tripping time is fairly short. Indeed, a spy camera or a hunting camera can miss the action to be filmed because of a too long activation time. Generally speaking, a spy camera offers an average video triggering time of one second.

    What is a viewing angle of a video sensor?

    There are some features that should not be overlooked when choosing a spy camera. The angle of view is among these. In a way, this is the field of view of the video sensor - or the angle of view. Spyware can thus film anything in this field of vision. A camera has a photographic lens which is a converging optical system. This system is obtained using several lenses. It is important to stress that it is the size of the photographic lens that determines the angle of view. The smaller the size of this optical system, the larger the field of view. The larger its size, the smaller the viewing angle will be. In addition, there are two kinds of camera depending on the type of lens. There is thus the fixed lens video sensor and the varifocal video sensor. This second kind of camera has a modular lens, that is to say with a variable focal length. This then makes it possible to adjust the shooting angle if necessary. A spy camera unfortunately does not offer this option.

    What is a lithium polymer battery?

    A spy camera generally uses a lithium polymer battery as power. The autonomy offered depends of course on the battery capacity. The lithium polymer battery (Li-Po) is not to be confused with the lithium-ion (Li-ion) version. Both variants share the same operating principle, but some differences are noted in terms of characteristics. The Li-Po battery is first of all more stable and reliable than the Li-ion, even if in terms of energy density this is lower. The Li-Po format is more suitable for small devices such as the spy camera. The lithium polymer battery is thin, light, and can take many forms. Its lifespan is also longer. However, Li-Po costs more than a lithium-ion battery. The Li-Po battery used for mini cameras is rechargeable. Charging is carried out via a connection to an electrical outlet - a DC12V USB charger is then necessary - or on a computer. Note that the charging time is longer with a connection to a computer.

    What is HD resolution?

    The term HD is a nomenclature proposed in the middle of digital video. This scale thus indicates a video image in high definition. 720p is the code often used to also mark a video image in high definition. The number 720 provides information on the sum of lines available over the width of the display surface. The letter p, however, stands for the display type, in this case progressive scan - that is, the video image is displayed all at once. This nomenclature also provides information on the display size of the image. This is generally 1280 x 720 pixels. The first number denotes the total of vertical lines, while the second counts as the sum of horizontal lines. Talking about HD resolution is of course a misnomer, since we are talking about image definition here. This is because resolution is another nomenclature which is expressed in pixels per inch (ppi). A spy camera labeled HD thus has a video sensor capable of producing high definition content. The classification higher than HD is Full HD - coded as 1080p and a display of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

    What is FULL HD resolution?

    Full HD is an English term that can be translated as " full high definition ". To associate this with image resolution is in a way a misnomer. Both concepts are used to express the display quality of an image or a monitor, with the difference that the resolution takes into account the size of the display medium. The concepts of resolution and image definition mainly concern the field of video processing. In the case of the spy camera, the Full HD resolution provides information on the quality of the videos that the device can produce. It can be represented by the value 1080p. The latter means that the images obtained by the video sensor are displayed in a format of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Thus, Full HD or 1080p actually refers to the video definition and not the resolution. Note that the resolution is expressed in pixels per inch. In the market for mini spy cameras, a device capable of producing recordings in Full HD is classified in the category of high-end models. Images with 1080p video definition stand out for their sharpness.

    Are there any additional charges for the remote viewing function?

    A spy camera generally consists of a video sensor and an internal or external memory for storing recording data. To watch the videos taken, you must turn off the equipment. The files are then transferred to a computer, smartphone or tablet. Remote viewing is a feature that avoids this lengthy procedure. You can view live on a computer or mobile terminal what the camera is filming. This functionality is possible thanks to the presence of a WiFi antenna. The component allows the device to connect to the Internet to broadcast the images. Viewing takes place on an online platform accessible with any browser. For mobile terminals, there is a dedicated application. Access to the online platform and use of the application do not incur any additional costs. Thus, one does not have to pay a registration or a subscription - to benefit from remote viewing - after purchasing the spy camera. All you need is an Internet connection. Note that the mini camera and the viewing terminal do not need to be connected to the same WiFi network.

    How does distance vision work?

    Remote vision is a feature that high-end spy camera models offer. This consists of consulting the images taken in real time by the video sensor. For live viewing, you can use a computer or mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Please note that this functionality relies entirely on an Internet connection. With a computer, access to the online viewing platform is made from a browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox). With the smartphone or tablet, access to the remote vision functionality is achieved by means of a dedicated application. A mini spy camera has a Wi-Fi antenna to make the functionality possible. The device must also be connected to a Wi-Fi network with an Internet connection. When remote viewing is activated, the device broadcasts the captured images via the Internet. Moreover, the scope of the functionality is unlimited. The mini spy camera and the viewing medium do not necessarily use the same Wi-Fi network. Note that the images broadcast live are also saved in the storage memory of the spy camera.

    Can the device be recharged on a computer?

    A mini spy camera uses a lithium-ion battery for power. This battery is rechargeable and offers an autonomy of several hours. The operating time, however, depends on the capacity of the battery - such as the charging time. This type of spy equipment is usually delivered with a DC12V USB adapter. This accessory allows you to charge the device by plugging it into the mains. The charging kit is completed with a USB cable. Note that a mini camera has a mini-USB port. This item allows data transfer to a computer. A practical option for a model with external storage. You can actually initiate the movement of files without having to remove the micro SD card. In addition to data transfer, connection to the computer by means of the USB cable allows the spy camera to be recharged. This alternative seems practical at first glance, but it is not in reality. The downside to this solution is the charging time. Charging on a computer takes longer than on an electrical outlet. It takes at least an hour to have a battery recharged with a connection to the mains. This minimum charge time can be doubled by using a computer. As long as we are not picky about the charging time, we can choose this solution.

    What is the average charging time of a spy camera?

    A spy camera works without wiring. It is therefore not necessary to plug it into an electrical outlet during use. This type of equipment has a high capacity Lithium-ion battery. This power supply provides autonomy for several hours. The battery also makes it possible to film without interruption for a certain duration. The minimum continuous recording time is half an hour. On the most efficient devices, this duration can exceed one hour. Note that the Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable. A USB cable and a charging box are often found in the box of a spy camera. The latter allows connection to the mains. The average charging time varies from one to two hours depending on the model and the battery capacity. In addition, the USB cable is not only used for data transfer. The accessory is also used for recharging. Connection to the mains is not the only possibility. Charging can actually be done on a computer - be it a desktop model or a laptop. However, it is noted that the charging time on a computer is longer than on an electrical outlet. The charging time can be doubled with a laptop.

    Do mini cameras offer a zoom function?

    When it comes to photography, the zoom is a function that allows you to have an effect of moving closer or further while taking an image. This effect is obtained by varying the focal length. Conventional cameras offer this option, mini spy cameras almost never. Zooming requires viewing the map the device is recording. However, mini cameras do not always offer remote viewing functionality. This option allows you to watch live - on a smartphone, tablet or computer - what the device is filming. However, it should be noted that zooming is done manually. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to zoom as long as distance vision is available. In addition, a mini camera can be controlled remotely with a remote control. The presence of this accessory does not necessarily guarantee the availability of a zoom function. It should also be noted that the zoom affects the image quality. For example, there is a risk that the display will pixelate the display - which would make the images unusable. For all these reasons, mini cameras almost never offer a zoom function.

    What do you mean when you say Camera function?

    A mini camera is a spy equipment that we mainly use to film in hidden camera. This type of device obviously offers other functions - which multiplies the uses of the device. The camera is often one of these features. It then becomes possible to use the mini camera to take pictures - without attracting attention. The Camera function makes it easy to duplicate documents or shoot portraits to identify individuals. Without this feature, portrait printing can be a hard job. We must view the recorded videos to find the sequence where the individuals to be identified appear. We then put on a pause in order to be able to take a screenshot and save it in image file. A procedure which takes time for a rather poor image quality. A Camera function thus brings simplicity. The image definition depends of course on the capacity of the spy camera sensor. In addition, photos are saved in files with JPG extension. Native apps on smartphones or tablets and default computer programs can open the JPG format.

    What is the minimum video resolution of a spy camera?

    The video resolution is indeed a value that serves as a benchmark to determine the quality of a video. This notion is however mistakenly confused with image definition. The latter is the product of the number of pixels vertically and the total of those horizontally in the display. For a spy camera, this value indicates the total number of pixels that the device can scan. What sets the definition of resolution video is the calculation method. The size of the display medium is taken into account in determining the value of the video resolution. The latter is also expressed in number of pixels per inch. The difficulty of calculation has undoubtedly made that the video resolution is confused with the video display. Today, we easily find on the market a spy camera capable of filming in HD or Full HD. Unfortunately, not all models offer these performance levels. We can thus have a spy camera with a video sensor of reduced capacity allowing all the same to have usable images. For this type of device, the minimum video resolution is generally 640 x 480 pixels.

    What formats do spy cameras save files in?

    Spy cameras usually record videos in AVI or Audio Video Interleave. The latter is not really a file format, but more of a compression format. This indeed determines the type of packaging of the video and audio streams. It should be noted that theAudio Video Interleave is not exclusively a video format. A file with this extension may indeed not have an image part, but only an audio part. The reverse is also true. Some spy camera models are equipped with a built-in microphone. The component then allows voice recordings. The video files then take the extension AVI. Spy cameras can also offer a camera function. This allows you to take pictures without attracting attention. Photos of course have a different extension from videos and sounds. This is the JPG or JPEG developed as Joint Photographic Experts Group. Note that this extension is more of a compression format as is the case with AVI. In addition, the AVI and JPG formats are standard extensions. These can therefore be read by default applications and programs on mobile devices or computers. The installation of reading software is therefore not essential.

    Does the transfer of recording data require the installation of specific software?

    Normally for transfer recording data from a spy camera to a computer, there is no need to install specific software. File transfer consists of retrieve images as well as the videos in the memory card of the camera or the spy microphone. You must then copy them to your computer. This is necessary to empty your memory card to keep it recording data and working normally. Indeed, if you do not do it, you risk losing important images. For this, specific software is not necessary. The most important thing is that your computer is equipped with a working operating system, be it Windows, MacOs or Linux. To do this, all you have to do is connect your spy camera to your computer through a USB cable or a mini-USB connection. If you want to convert your video to a format other than the one in which it is recorded or if you plan to change the resolution of your photos, you will indeed need a specific software. In the case of a simple transfer of registration data, this will not be useful. All of our product lines are easy to use and practical to make your life easier.

    What does the product mean for Windows?

    Windows is a common and popular operating system that almost everyone uses on their computer. This is why all our ranges of spy camera and micro spy are compatible with this system. So you will not needinstall specific software when you transfer images from your camera to your computer. You also won't need to use a driver to view and play the recorded files. The videos are produced in AVI format, the photos are in JPG and the sound in MPEG-4. These are standard file formats that are compatible with any operating system, be it Windows or MacOs or even Linux. You can insert your memory card directly into your computer's card reader or use a USB cable to transfer and play your files. Windows will quickly detect your card or device. It will have no trouble supporting the potentially large file sizes as well as the different possible resolutions of the images. Our products have been simplified as much as possible to facilitate their handling by both professionals and individuals.

    Is the product compatible with macOS and Linux computers?

    As a general rule, our spy cameras have been developed to be compatible with all types of operating system. Whether your computer is under macOS or Linux, you will need to be able to read and view data from your spy camera. No installation software, no driver is needed. Files are normally produced in standard formats that everyone knows and understands. The videos will be compressed in AVI, the photos in JPG and the sound in MPEG-4. You can easily watch them on VLC or SM Player. They are simple and practical devices for everyday use. Using a USB cable, all you have to do is transfer the images from the camera to your PC or laptop. An action that does not require specific software either. This should not affect the quality of the recorded images or their resolution. In all cases, our spy cameras are easy to use and are suitable for both individuals and professionals. Our product range is accessible to everyone and does not require specific needs or specialized.

    Can all cameras shoot in low light condition?

    All cameras equipped with a night vision and / or infrared vision can film in the condition of low light. These are cameras designed specifically for this purpose. To monitor your garden or house at night, to capture images of nocturnal animals, infrared cameras are ideal products. They are very discreet and film without being noticed. The LEDs integrated into the device have light frequencies undetectable to the eye of living beings (animals or humans). Which represents a major advantage. If in addition, the camera is equipped with a motion detector. It will have no trouble recording crisp, actionable videos. It will only be triggered when it detects a suspicious movement or a change in temperature. Infrared cameras also withstand any weather conditions. With their built-in battery, this model of surveillance camera can run for hours or even days without interruption. It can also remain on standby for a more or less determined period. In this camera range, some have the possibility of filming at a far distance up to 40m for long ranges even in low light.

    Can I change the resolution of the videos?

    The issue of resolution is of utmost importance when it comes to spy camera. It refers to the number of pixels at the height as well as the width of the image. Depending on the needs and uses, there are different resolutions. In addition, we find 4k for video (4096 x 2160), then HD 1080p (1920 x 1080), HD 720p (1280 x 720). Whether it is a photo or a video, the higher the resolution, the better the image quality with crisp sharpness. The file will also be quite large. This will sometimes require special software to change the resolution videos captured. Apart from the screen size of the peripherals that will be used (phone, tablet, computer, etc.), it is above all the aspect ratio that is important. Indeed, it is not very pleasant to watch a 720p video on a 1080p HD screen. We will end up with a kind of black bar to the right and to the left. Hence the interest of modifying the resolution via a resolution converter video. With the right software installed on your computer, you will be able to change the resolution yourself.

    What is a mini-USB port for?

    Since the advent of USB technology, most computer devices (computers, telephone, smart TV, game consoles, etc.) are now equipped with USB port. The latter often has four pins. The first serves as a power supply, the second for mass, the third and fourth are used for transfer data. You should know that some USB ports are more efficient especially in terms of speed of transfers. Some versions are faster than others. With the emergence of even more compact devices, USB ports are undergoing changes at the same time. We thus end up with mini-USB ports. The normal ports have been reduced to accommodate miniature devices such as spy cameras (watch camera, camera car key,…). These ports serve the same purposes as normal ports, it's just the size that is scaled down to accommodate smaller devices. To do this, you absolutely need a mini USB connector. It is a connection with two ends connected by a cable, the first is adapted to the mini USB of the spy camera and the second larger one will fit into the computer for example. This will make it easier to transfer data from one device to another.

    What does built-in microphone mean?

    The majority of spy camera devices contain a built-in microphone. It is a mechanism that serves to record sound in addition to images. This is a microphone with omnidirectional directivity. It is able to pick up all sounds coming from any direction while keeping the same frequency. Depending on the microphones used and their degree of sensitivity, we can have different qualities of sound. Some will be more distinct than others with more or less noise (hissing, rustling, etc.). There are even models that can pick up sound up to 10m or 20m away. It can be found in spy camera clocks, spy camera watches, USB keys, etc. The integrated microphone is essential for the spy camera to be effective. It is indeed very good to have images but it is better to have the sound to accompany it. Other models do not have a camera and are armed only with a built-in microphone, these are the spy microphones. Among the ranges available, there are micro spy pens, 4go dictaphones, micro spy cables which work thanks to a GPS chip. They are all practical, easy to use and discreet.

    Do camera watch products work with a battery like a normal watch?

    In reality, the watches camera operate with an integrated battery. These are monitoring devices that have the appearance of a watch, which tell the time like a banal watch. Its particularity is that it is also a spy system that can be used to discreetly listen to a conversation or to film without being seen. In addition to the usual mechanism found in a watch, this technology is also composed of a high performance spy camera and a microphone. The recorded images are in high definition and razor sharp while the sound is quite audible. To fulfill its mission and operate continuously, it therefore needs a drums very good quality. Most of the batteries made available are thus made of lithium in order to power the device and above all to offer it high-end autonomy. The watch is often supplied with a charger so that it can be charged on an AC outlet. With a USB cable, you can also connect it to a computer, the opportunity to recover all the recorded images.

    What are the different degrees of protection on a camera?

    Theprotection index or IP is a number used to classify the level of protection available to equipment against the intrusion of liquid and solid bodies. It is a device set up by the International Electronic Commission relating to waterproofing. It is made up of two digits which vary from 0 to 9, depending on the resistance of the device to various possible attacks (rain, snow, wind, debris, dust, etc.). The first number most often indicates the ability to protect against solids such as dust for example. While the second refers to attacks from liquids like water. All the spy cameras, especially those used for outdoors (hunting camera, etc.), are represented by a protection index. There are thus different degrees of protection also depending on the size of the debris, the volumes of water and the force of the blows. For example, for some cameras, they need a minimum protection rating of 66. At this stage, the camera is perfectly protected against both rain and dust. For a complete seal, the index must reach approximately 67. We can even film in water with such protection.

    What is infrared vision?

    The infrared vision is a modality installed on many cameras to be able to capture images in the dark. They are widely used to equip spy cameras. Indeed, it allows them to film during the night while having good quality images. Cameras with infrared vision are in fact equipped with Sensitive LEDs to electromagnetic waves. These LEDs are undetectable when they light up, they are very discreet while allowing to capture the slightest gesture. They are in reality flashes with light frequencies less intense than light. There are models of infrared vision camera which are accompanied by thermal imaging device. The device would therefore be sensitive to waves and also to heat. Any living thing emits radiation at different degrees of temperature. The device detects radiation and converts it into a crisp, clear image. This is why infrared vision, with the mode motion detection, is essential for hunting cameras or other spy cameras dedicated to outdoor activities. Infrared cameras are also suitable for monitoring a property, a commercial depot, an office room especially the comings and goings at night.

    What is motion detection mode?

    The motion detection mode is a feature often installed on surveillance cameras, especially spy cameras. This feature consists of automatically triggering the camera at the slightest movement within its scope of activity. It is managed more by the recorder than by the camera itself. It saves time for both professional and home users since there is no need to turn the camera on and off every time. It's also a great way to save memory card space since the camera only keeps the most important images. It is a device equipped with a sensor sensitive to movements and even to temperature variations. As soon as there is a change, no matter how small, the camera turns on and the recorder saves everything that happens. It is ideal for monitoring a property, office or commercial space. Some models are connected to wifi networks and sometimes to a GPS receiver to alert you by MMS or SMS of the change that has occurred. The motion detection mode is an essential selection criterion when it comes to choosing a spy camera.

    Do all spy cameras have internal memory?

    Typically, spy cameras do not have internal memory. These are devices designed to be as light as possible. This makes it easier to hide them in dummy car keys, smoke detectors, or even dummy USB keys. They are therefore composed only of video sensor, integrated microphone, processor. There is no more room for a hard drive to store data. Therefore, all the devices spy camera are equipped with a micro SD memory card port. This is a physical medium that is used to record and store photos as well as videos. We can find different sizes of SD card which are expandable according to needs (4go, 8go, 16go, 32go). It is important to empty the SD card regularly so that it can function normally. To do this, simply connect your device to a computer using a USB cable. All you have to do is transfer the images, it is also an opportunity to sort to keep only the essentials. Moreover, you will know that your card is full when a red light flashes on your camera.

    What is a video sensor on a spy camera?

    A spy camera is certainly a miniature camera but it works like a normal camera. It is therefore equipped with a video sensor. It is a mechanism composed of a photosensitive plate. With its millions of photosites or pixels, it captures the light coming from the camera lens. The sensor then transforms this light into electrical signals, ie currents. With the help of the processor, the currents will be converted into digital images which will be saved on the device. The images are then stored on a medium such as a SD card for example. Then just connect the device to a computer to retrieve the photos and videos and view them. There are different types of video sensor depending on their size and degree of sensitivity to light. For spy cameras, there are specific sensors adapted to their small size. These are CMOS or Complementarity Metal-Oxide Semiconductor sensors. They have the particularity of existing in miniature version perfectly suited to most spy cameras that hide in everyday objects (spy clock, spy USB key, spy lighter, etc.). They are also ultra-efficient. The images produced and captured are of excellent quality.

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