Bulb spy camera-Bulb spy camera Wifi
      • Bulb spy camera-Bulb spy camera Wifi
      • Bulb spy camera-Bulb spy camera Wifi
      • Bulb spy camera-Bulb spy camera Wifi
      • Bulb spy camera-Bulb spy camera Wifi

      Bulb spy camera wireless Full HD

      1080 p resolution

      5 million pixels

      Night vision

      Angle of view 120 °

      Remote live view

      Bulb spy camera Wifi

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      The video surveillance is even more effective when we can't detect cameras that make up his system. For the safety of his home or his business premises, we thus opts for equipment like this bulb spy camera WiFi.

      This device is a small camera to which we gave the appearance of a light bulb. This camera bulb There are also small LED lamps. These provide an illuminance of at least a lux. The device is provided with a flexible tip. The accessory allows to point the objective in the desired direction.

      The product takes a camera to 5 million pixels to capture images in Full HD. The video resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Moreover, the fluidity of the animation is provided by a frame rate of 25 frames per second. Properly installed, this flashlight camera can therefore provide sharp images to accurately track the actions or the identification of its visitors. One infrared vision reinforces the performance of the device. Film night cannot cause problems. This bulb camera spy wifi is able to detect movement within a radius of 6 meters. Note that the shots are made on an angle of 120 °.

      The camera bulb can make audio recordings through sound built-in microphone. It can capture the sound on a surface of 15 square meters, which is quite important.

      The main feature of this bulb spy camera WiFi is the Remote live view. It allows to watch on his smartphone (iPhone or Android) images taken in real time. This is made possible by the WiFi connection.

      The camera lamp has no internal memory. Therefore, a micro SD card so that it is able to store images. The unit is expandable up to 32 GB. On the other hand, continuous recording time varies depending on the capacity of the micro SD card. The recorded videos are in AVI, a format that can be read SM player and VLC player software. In addition, one can view the data of the camera WiFi light bulb on computer (macOS or Windows).

      Data sheet

      Supports up to 32 GB microSD cards
      1080 P
      Frame by second
      Video format
      Continuous recording time
      According to the ability of the micro SD card
      Operating system
      Windows / Mac OS X
      Compression format
      VLCplayer / SMplayer
      Compatible smartphone
      IPhone and android
      Reach of sound
      15 m2
      5 million
      Minimum illumination
      1 lux
      Angle of view
      120 °
      Motion detection
      Yes - 6 meters
      Infrared vision

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