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GSM-MMS-SMS hunting camera

Hunting GSM camera

In the category hunting camerasWe have a full range of hunting cameras GSM-MMS-SMS. These types of cameras work like mobile phones so that you can be alerted on your mobile phone or your computer. Simply insert a SIM card and the camera will send you an SMS or photos to warn you. All the models in our range are equipped with quality camera superior up to produce very high definition up to 1080 p videos. At the level of the photos, the machines produce images of 12 mega pixels. Day and night, indoors and especially outside, the images are clear and spotless. You won't have a difficult to distinguish small details. You can use these cameras to hunt or to monitor your property or your offices without being noticed. In fact, they are compact, practical and very simple to use and learn.

Hunting night vision 16MP camera MMS

Hunting camera Full HD 3 G Resolution 1080 P 16 million pixels Infrared vision 20 meters Vision remote on mobile and computer Trigger time 0.5 seconds Autonomy 1 month non-stop and unlimited with solar charger
€169.00 €209.00
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Camera hunting Full HD MMS 16MP

Hunting camera Full HD SMS 1080 p resolution 16 million pixels High operating autonomy At 20 meters night vision Motion detection Remote viewing
€179.00 €199.00
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Shooting HD GPRS, MMS camera

Hunting HD MMS camera Resolution 1920 x 1080 12 megapixels Detection of movement up to 25 meters Control and surveillance by GPRS, MMS and SMS Up to 20 m night vision Email and SMS alert
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Hunting HD GSM 12MP camera

Hunting HD GSM camera 1080 p resolution 12 million pixels Digital display Motion detection Alert SMS, MMS and email - 2G At 20 meters night vision Remote control
€149.00 €179.00
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Hunting 30MP 3G camera

Photo catch up to 30 megapixels Function alerts to Email and MMS Audio, video and photo Use the networks 4G / 3G / 2G
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