Camera spy wifi

Camera spy wifi

Wireless spy camera

The cutting edge of technology, we have a range of varied camera wifi spy. These are simple and practical devices that do not need special facilities. They are within the reach of everyone as well as individuals and professionals. Our spy cameras wifi can be connected to any device, the smartphone (IOS or Android) Tablet through computers. This will allow you to be alerted in time and hour to any suspicious movement. You can also view pictures and recorded videos at any time. These are also very good because all of our spy cameras wifi record in high definition. These are ultra resistant cameras that can withstand extreme conditions. Their wifi transmitter has a scope that can go up to 20 meter. With their built-in rechargeable battery, they have a very good battery life.

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Wireless 720P Wi-Fi Camera

IP Security Camera 720P Wi-Fi Camera Night vision Motion detection Listening to audio 120 ° vertical rotation Horizontal rotation 355 °

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