Smoke camera detector

Smoke camera detector

Miniature camera disguised

Our high-performance ultra spy camera ranges, include fake smoke detectors. Install the ceiling like a real smoke detector, they will have an angle of view unstoppable on the room to be monitored. Its built-in camera is able to record videos in color with a more than excellent image quality. They are in HD and more, thanks to the hidden microphone, the device can also capture the sound. To turn it on, the system comes with a remote control that allows to control remotely. This spy camera model is configurable according to the needs. You can put in mode motion detection. At the slightest gesture, it will alarm automatically. You can also put them in continuous mode and record it without discontinuity the comings and the goings. Anyway, it is equipped with a SD card port to be able to store all the recorded data.

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Camera IP panoramic 360 ° Wifi

Vision on Android phone and Iphone Built-in microphone Compatible Mac and Windows Infrared Night Vision Camera 360 ° Alert on e-mail address Motion detector

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