Clock spy camera

Clock spy camera

Mini spy camera clock

Them camera clocks can be hung on the wall of your room or your office without that nobody guesses that they hide a miniature camera in them. This is a feature allowing you to take pictures in very high resolution. Them spy camera clocks can also make video recordings of very good quality. Thanks to their design, their shapes and their totally identical to the normal wall clocks colors, nobody suspect you. Having a motion sensor, the camera fires automatically at the slightest movement that it detects. Some models have WiFi which allows you to connect directly to an internet network, while others can be controlled remotely using a remote control. All the spy camera clocks have a rechargeable battery sector. They also have considerable autonomy, because standby these gadgets can hold up to three days, and they can shoot continuously for eight hours of time in normal mode. 

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Clock spy camera Wifi

Clock spy camera Wifi HD 1080 p resolution 2 million pixels Motion detection Vision on smartphone and computer remotely

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