Spy Camera clock

Spy Camera clock

Camera alarm clock

Want to wake up to the multiple functions ? The spy camera clock is ideal. As any alarm, it indicates an exact time and works normally. It can be programmed to ring at a specific time. The most is that it is also a high-performance surveillance camera. Whether for watching a dwelling house, an office or a commercial, this camera Wakl is commendable. It is equipped with a camera that can Save pictures and videos of very high quality. In addition, you can on certain model remote control Thanks to a remote control. Some models are equipped with Wifi to make the control via a Tablet or smartphone (IOS, Android) or even via a computer. There are different models of spy camera clock which varies according to the design (wall clock, digital watch,...), according to the resolution (HD, 720 p, 1080 p(...), depending on the features)motion detectorwifi, lens wide angle...). Enjoy our products on Spy - Security.com

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Wake up 720 p Wi - Fi camera

Alarm clock camera 720 p wifi Night vision Motion detection Stereo radio Vision has remotely via PC or smartphone Bluetooth Built-in microphone Alert on phone

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