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As insecurity becomes more widespread, we have found the ideal tool to prevent or act on emergencies. The GPS tracker is constantly evolving and can be used not only for your vehicle but also for your luggage, your pets, your baby stroller or your child's backpack. This GPS beacon can provide real-time precise location that varies depending on the model, which you don't want to lose sight of at any time via the GSM network. With a powerful magnet for the most part, you can incorporate it into your phone or iPad, as well as keep it away from prying eyes in your car or on your motorcycle. No need to connect to a power supply, they are totally autonomous and compact. In any case, you will be able to receive position information either via the internet or by SMS on your smartphone or tablet.


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Gps tracker for dogs and long battery life cat-Animal gps trackerGps tracker for dogs and long battery life cat
      Light and waterproof Subscription included 3 years Long battery life up to 3 months without charging Smartphone app Useable in France, Belgium, Corsica, Switzerland, Monaco
      Gps Collar for Dog - Gps Tracker with Unlimited Reach-Animal gps trackerGps Collar for Dog - Gps Tracker with Unlimited Reach
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        ACRISAGE REQUIS: starting at €3.75 per month GPS TRACK: Light (35 g) and waterproof GPS tracking device REAL TIME LOCALISATION: Set virtual fences and receive an alert<br...